Q: Is this a software to download?
A: No, Spin Synth is an online service that is used directly in your browser.
This way, updates are fully transparent and you can use the service from multiple computers without having to copy your data.
Moreover, as it is online, an API is available and allows for a wide variety of uses for the tool (e.g. automatic publication).

Q: I read that the subscription price might increase. Will I be warned prior to that?
A: Once you have subscribed to Spin Synth, you pay the same price for life, as long as you remain subscribed.
Rate increases only apply to new customers.
As long as you remain subscribed, the price for you does not change even when we add new functions.

Q: I’m afraid that it’s too complicated to use.
A: The interface is simple. You may watch the demo videos to get an idea.
Spin Synth is usable (and used; I have a video as proof!) by a 9 year old child.
If the video speaks to you, you must quickly take your notes.
According to current users and testers, it takes little time to get accustomed to the tool, and the more frequently you use it, the more rapidly it occurs.

Q: Is Spin Synth compatible with Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux (other?)?
A: YES! Spin Synth requires a recent browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome)
The Opera browser is not supported, and we recommend Firefox.
If your operating system supports Firefox, then you can use Spin Synth.

Q: Can Spin Synth transform normal text into a master spin?
A: Into readable text? No. No more than any other tool. NO software to date is able to understand a text in English and make a master spin. This is an activity based on a human brain, and as a tool Spin Synth can greatly facilitate it. You can use Spin Synth to turn “normal” text to a complex master spin.
This will require a bit of work, but much less than if you did it by hand. No automatic tool will do this without you being in control. In “garbage text”? Yes. If this is really what you want to do, several modules can grind, scrape or translate texts to auto-generate a text on any subject.

Q: And what if that doesn’t work? What if it’s not what I’m looking for?
A: We make every effort to answer questions and resolve any bugs.
The system is subject to frequent updates and additions based on feedback and requests from users.
Spin Synth has been tested in a real situation for content used on many real “money sites”: it is operational.
A dedicated forum is available to effectively treat the after-sales support:
http://spinsynth.com/forum/ with a private area reserved for our customers.
If the service does not suit you, you can always cancel your subscription directly from your PayPal account, without prior notice, without justification, without penalty.

Got other questions ? Please use the comment form or the forum, we’ll be glad to answer.

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