Here are some testimonials from users and beta testers of SpinSynth…

As one of the beta testers, I can tell you that Sylvain has been able to achieve a lot with this wonderful tool!

The ease of use and simplicity will take your breath away. A copy/paste interface that allows you to easily complete inputs and outputs, just like in ZennoPoster. I don’t have much else to say.

As for functionality, this thing has no limits.

When I got the first results of the master spin, I didn’t think this could ever happen. But it did!
Everything is consistent and the master spin has an amazing complexity!

Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?

An awesome tool you’ve created for us here, Sylvain! Well done!

Christian (Seo Black Inside).

You think you know what master spins are like? SpinSynth is the work of an artist, setting back any limits of master spins: matrix spins, recycling of data, possibilities of interchanging and replacing, varying… the range is simply enormous.
I must admit that once I was lucky enough to discover the beta version, I found myself giving a little bow of respect to Sylvain’s work!!! ;o

If I were you, I would say: “Wow, I want this!”

Most spinners aren’t used to managing so many variations…..

Jérôme (Kiapp)

I just watched the two videos, and being an interface developer myself, I know one spends a lot of time on this.
The idea of using this interface style is very interesting. I had doubts about the readability of the thing, but as soon as you started talking about custom modules at the end of the first video, my doubts were gone!
This really is a powerful tool and I imagine that even without the minimum experience, one could create something great, especially with permutations and auto spins.

In any case, all the other spinners seem to still be living in the stone age when you’re using this thing!


I’ve had the opportunity to be part of the beta testers team and I can tell you that was an amazing experience.
Having interchangeable modules and more offers almost infinite possibilities and developments.
Yu want to spin a text 4-levels deep ? – It’s too easy!!
You’ll stop try getting your head around the curly brackets – you will be able to concentrate on the most important – the basis of your text! The spintax is automatically generated.

The ‘Yahoo pipes’ interface allows to easily build a very complex spin scheme.
You can save your spin schemes as modules in order to use them again later in another project, for instance.

If you watch the last video about the next developments, you will be able to imagine the power of this software in the next years and centuries!

It’s the also power of the SpinSynth community, which will allow us to share our spin schemes and create big projects very quickly.

One word: Fantastic!!!


I am like Michael – I’ve tested this software again and again. I have to tell you: the simplicity of it and the perfect explanations in the video are just great.

That made me think of the ZennoPoster interface, but it is much more comprehensible, in my opinion.

I love it: “Is your text space too small?” = “Ctrl and click on the space and it will become bigger.


Here I am, almost a week after the forum has been created.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to test this tool in beta version and frankly, I just sat there with my mouth hanging open and drooling in front of my computer screen.

I’ve tried a lot of tools, some famous ones, too, which had created controversy one time on the forums.

But in comparison to SpinSynth, I would just feel trapped in ugly spins, which were impossible to make multilevel and to maintain.

Here, I’ve had the time to make some pretty directory descriptions (for SEOhackers) with more than 300 multilevel variations and a master spin of an article of 300 words, with almost 4000 variations. That’s what I call good margins :D .

In brief, this is a tool I will continue to use, especially because Sylvain is so responsive to proposed developments.


Current users, fell free to send your feedback, I’ll be happy to publish it there.

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