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This website is hosted by SARL Switch-Ti, 196c rue du rocher de Lorzier, F-38430 Moirans – France. info[at]switch-ti.com

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Sylvain Deauré is the content director of this website.

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All personal data collected on this website are saved and processed only for your individual use, the transmission of information on products or the submission of service offers by switch-Ti. We assure you of treating your data confidentially and in accordance with the CEE rules in effect.
You do have a right to access, modify and delete personnal informations that concerns you.
Please use postal mail to : Switch-Ti – Liste “Spin Synth”, 196c rue du rocher de Lorzier, F-38430 Moirans – France, with a proof of your identity.

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Exclusion of Liability
We carefully collects the information for these Internet pages and looks after their regular updating. Nevertheless, this data is to be understood as general information without guarantee that does not replace individual and profound consultation.

We do not accept responsibility for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the information provided or for the always trouble-free access to the pages. If links to Internet pages of third party are referred to, we do not accept responsibility for the contents of the linked pages.

As soon as you use such external links you leave the information offer of Spin Synth. Different rules may apply to the offers of third party, particularly with regard to data protection.


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