Spin synth does not only spins ! : It is a web authoring tool in its own right, which can help you quickly prepare large texts for a money site with a minimum effort.

Suppose I have a website that talks about books or gives advice on any particular type of product.
The frame of each article will be quite similar, and if I do it manually, I will spend half my time retyping the same words and I would find it very difficult to get out of my writing habits.
Result: All my items are alike and I waste my time typing up the same things

With spin synth I can prepare (then gradually expand) a sentence template, a polymorphic matrix that can be very complex and isolate the blanks that need filling.
My matrix may include alternative formulations, very different structures; contain calls to image integration tools, content from a keyword…

I then take the module I created, I put the text together and I can create several generations of text to find an article that suits me.

web authoringI capitalized on my previous job – I vary the structure and writing of my articles to the maximum while ensuring that the text is still readable, that it displays my personality, and I don’t waste time trying to fill the blanks.

Of course, I could also go further and mix this template with RSS or database products to generate in a snap a full ecommerce catalogue or an affiliate Amazon website that heavily differentiates from generic low quality autoblogs…

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