In practice, when we want to write a complex master spin with conventional tools, we usually encounter several painful problems:

  • With multi-level spinning, we get lost quickly in brackets: {}, even with syntax highlighting, it is very easy to lose a bracket and spend far too long trying to put it back in the right place.
  • There is constantly a lot of text that is copied and pasted, so there are duplicate portions, and if we want to edit an item, there is no turning back.
    To make any changes, we have to start over.
  • Permutation work, mixing sentences and paragraphs, has to be redone for each new text.
    We do not capitalize on the models and texts that have already been written.
  • An outsourcing editor cannot handle spinning; in any case, not complex spinning.
    This is a specialist job, especially for good, legible spins.

Spin Synth is based on a completely different approach than an “improved” text editor and completely eliminates these problems.

It allows to:

  • Define models of reusable items
  • Not have to deal with brackets {} (while keeping an export in a master spin format)
  • Reuse procedures and models of one text in another
  • Have a “pure” editor to generate sophisticated master spins without having to know or manage the spintax syntax and its pitfalls
  • To correct an interactive source sentence that appears several times in the master spin , in a single operation
  • Manage permutations, optional sentences or paragraphs, inversions of the paragraphs
  • Work with complex structures and highly variable items to generate usable master spins in a large volume
  • Work as needed bit by bit in a modular approach, with bricks that are assembled and which can be re-used at will
  • Generate complex structures without going through an extremely heavy master spin (API with on demand generation of articles, without the usual master spin step, or generation of a master spin with the standard spintax …)
  • Integrate external data (pictures, RSS feeds, content, databases).

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